1st Anniversary

lauren and michael 1st anniversary

It’s my daughter Lauren and son-in-law Michael’s first wedding anniversary. A year of firsts; first home, first holidays and first baby. Time moves on so quickly that we sometimes get so involved in the everyday routines that we forget to take notice of those special moments and they just pass. One year ago today Lauren and Michael exchanged their wedding vows to embark upon a lifetime together. Family and friends gathered from near and far to celebrate with them. Today Lauren & Michael will spend their special day with their new baby daughter and remember not only the past year of firsts, but dream, imagine and celebrate a lifetime of many more wonderful things that life has in store for them. Happy Anniversary Lauren & Michael!

Father’s Day


We have lots of days to celebrate things.  Birthdays, holidays and one of them is Father’s Day.  A day dedicated to the first man in our life who takes care of us and guides us; dad.  I have been blessed with a very special dad.  Now 86 years old, he has been the foundation in my life for care and concern.  He is the one man who has loved me unconditionally, supported my decisions good or bad, but who has always let me know his opinion.  There are many times we did not see eye to eye, but I grew up knowing that no matter what happened, what I may have done, my dad was always there for me.  My dad is an incredible man and I love him so very much.  Although I don’t get to see him as much as I want to, my daily conversations with him always put a smile on my face.  It makes me sad to think there aren’t many dads like my dad, I find hope in the care and concern I see my son-in-law Michael have for my new baby grand daughter.  I am watching the love of a father for his daughter evolve in front of my eyes knowing that he strives to be the type of dad my dad has been to me.  For that I am very grateful and optimistic, and although my girls did not grow up like I did, Baby ‘K’ will have the unconditional love and support of her dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

National Cancer Suvivors Day


Today is National Cancer Survivors Day.  A day to celebrate those who have fought cancer, those who have lost their battle, those who have waged the war on this deadly disease and pretty much anyone who has been affected by it.  When you think about it in those terms, today is a day to be celebrated by millions, because cancer affects us all.  Will there be massive media attention devoted towards today?  I would venture to say no.  So for those of us who have been on the frontline of cancer, the mothers, daughters, friends, doctors, nurses, neighbors and anyone touched by it,  I say celebrate today!  Spread the word, Tweet about it, blog about it, share it on your Facebook  status or just tell your friends, and let the world know that while cancer is devastating it will never take hope away from those who are affected by it.  Cancer sucks, but we will never give up and will continue to fight the fight against this deadly disease!

Happy Cancer Survivors Day!


my family

I love my life! There are those who may think my life has not been easy, and it hasn’t. I have faced pediatric cancer, an abusive husband, divorce, single parenthood and a host of other things that would make most people cower in fear. I love my life! I am blessed beyond my imagination and with the birth of my granddaughter affectionately known as Baby ‘k’ I have realized the value of strife, for without it I would not or could not appreciate the blessings called my life. Although my life is unconventional, it is all mine and I would not change a single thing about it! We may be an unconventional group of individuals, but we are a family and there is nothing in the world that could make me change a moment of it!



To everyone out there who is feeling overwhelmed, you know who you are. You are mothers, sisters, grandmothers and friends. To anyone who ever said, ‘I am done, I cannot do this anymore.’ To those of us who have hit rock bottom emotionally, physically or financially, guess what? You are not alone! Having a bad day only makes the good ones seem nicer and the challenge of ‘turning things around’ is the stuff that we are made of. Being female is not for the fainthearted. We are nurturers, caregivers, executives, authors, poets, teachers and any other thing we want to be. For when we set our sights on something, watch out!

So if today is not going as you had hoped. If your best laid plans have gone astray, relax and remember tomorrow we get a do over! Cheers to all my female friends, family and associates for you are everything you hope to be and then some!


baby k close up

Babies are God’s way to let us know that no matter all the ‘bad’ stuff out there, life is good. My daughter gave birth last week and I became a first time grandmother. I am in love and this new chapter holds promise, joy and hope for us all. The promise of many tomorrows, the joy of today and the hope of a good life without tragedy and drama. Babies are beautiful and life is good. While the stress and heartache of life and the world may seem overwhelming at times, the innocence of a new baby gives us hope. Hope for new beginnings and a brand new little person’s opportunity to help all of us be better people and the world a better place.

The Non-coincidental Coincidence


Life has a funny way of presenting coincidence.  There are some who say coincidence is just irony, I on the other hand beg to differ.  Coincidence in my mind is God’s way of putting ‘pieces’ of life’s complications together.   Tonight I attended a long time friends nuptials.   For someone who has never been married, the process of a ‘wedding’ is priceless.   It was beautiful, lovely and a great time for all.  The thing I find as the irony or God’s coincidence is the ‘random’ couple who sat at our table.  With unassigned seating anyone in that room of one hundred people could have sat with us.  The couple that did however, had a common denominator with me that is undeniably my mission and role in this world.  Their son is battling cancer.  They apologized for having to leave early to get home in time for their daily call to their son.  I understood completely and even sent my love.  While I thought my mission tonight was to show my love and support of my longtime friend who finally found ‘the one’, it was about the couple who sat next to us who is struggling, hurting and hoping for a brighter tomorrow.   None of us has a crystal ball on what will happen next.  All we can control is this moment and even that is limited.  I always am amazed by God’s master plan as he sends me in the direction that I am needed most.  I learned yet again, that all we have to be grateful for is this right now, this moment and this second.  Everything else is really just a waste of precious time!