I have been told time heals all wounds, but does it?  Life is a series of experiences triumphs & tragedies that the passage of time can soften our memories of.  Time however, doesn’t make those feelings go away.  As we grow older & have more memories in our memory bank we can be selective as to the ones we choose to remember & the ones we try to forget.  We never do forget though.  With the sadness there can be joy.  Through the tears there should be laughter.   Through the chaos look for peace.  As a child I thought of life as one continuous narrative of everything I would ever do.  I now know life is a series of separate eras based upon stages of our lives.   When one stage ends, another begins.  We never forget our prior ‘life’ though because it is the basis of our new phase.  We can however, reflect upon it more kindly & lovingly, filtering out the bad and focusing on the good.  We never forget the people or things that mattered.  Their influence, love & presence is part of everything we do.  Although loved ones may no longer be with us, they are part of everything we do today because they mattered and our memories won’t let us forget that!

Happy Birthday Mr. Mount!




palm treeExperience hopefully teaches us those valuable lessons that we can call upon later in life when facing similar circumstances.  In a perfect world everyone would be wise, kind & caring.  In a perfect world we would know the problems in our future and tend to them before they became problems.  In a perfect world we would relish every second of those times that brought us joy and try to forget those things that brought us sorrow.  In  a perfect world our family members wouldn’t get sick and would be with us forever.  However, we do not live in a perfect world and life is imperfect.  Each day we get to make choices that will shape our future.   Each day, although the day may seem mundane & menial, it could be your last.  As we grow older, we recognize this and start reflecting on those times that made us laugh and made us smile.  As we grow older, we appreciate what once was, but also recognize the value of where we now are.  Life is about forward moving progress and not stagnation.  If you’re not living & growing you’re dying.

Our memories become a bridge to what once was and where we now are.  We cannot turn back the clock and relive our lives and do we really want to?  We  can however, revisit those feelings reflecting upon the things that made us laugh, cry & say thank you to the memories that are the building blocks of our lives.  So today and every day, wake up, thank the Lord for your blessing then go out and make a memory!

Good wishes & blessings to everyone making special memories today!



Is anyone surprised that corruption exists?  Is anyone surprised there is an elite class who use their riches and power for their own benefit, many times to the detriment of others? Is anyone surprised many politicians  and celebrities who lecture everyone else about social injustices and global issues, are hypocrites?  They are protected by bodyguards with guns, fly in private jets that use inordinate amounts of fuel, get preferential treatment and access to whatever they want and live a life of privilege and power none of us will ever experience. News flash for those who are surprised, this has been life in America for decades!  The difference today;  unfettered growth of social media and real-time reporting has exposed this for everyone to see.  This elitist class is the fuel for the movement known as Donald Trump.  It doesn’t matter whether you like Donald Trump or not, he is an outsider and not a politician. He represents people’s anger against the establishment and the corruption that exists on so many levels. He is a threat to ending the system of those who line their own pockets by using their positions of power and influence; those who have positioned themselves above the law.  A Donald Trump presidency would mean the end of the corrupt status quo.  When we hear the pundits with dire predictions of what could happen if Trump wins this election, read between the lines. The real concern  is the end of the current system.  It would be an end of the self-enrichment so many in power depend on as their way to wealth and influence.  Where would many of these politicians and their pundits go to make so much money and have so much power if they were elected out of power?  Live regular lives like everyone else where an honest day of work meant an honest day of pay?  Want Broadway tickets?  Like everyone else, you will have to wait for months to see a show.  No special favors, perks and treatment to garner an advantage in decision-making.

Those who speak out against the corruption and expose it are quickly slandered, ridiculed,  and maligned.  From the Capital, the local townboard to the county courthouse and everywhere in between, corruption is today’s reality. Families throughout the United States in court appointed guardianship’s, are an example of everyday people being destroyed by those who abuse the laws that were meant to protect.  This is an everday reality and it is up to each of us to put an end to this. When you hear politicians or those seeking to be elected, do so with a critical ear.  Ask the question, what is their background and who are they connected to?  Research their associations and involvement within the community, look at their finances and their business successes and failures. Hold everyone to the same standard in order to make an informed decision. You don’t need to like them, they are not going to be your friend. We elect people to govern and make responsible decisions for the benefit of everyone.  They need to be competent leaders with proven track records, not their own stated successes. Read about them and never believe everything you hear. Those who attack others for stating an opinion or belief are the tools of the elitists.  Intimidate others to silence them is directly in conflict with our freedom of speech and the principles this country was built on.  Be informed and inquisitive.  We can agree to disagree, but must be respectful of differences which is the cornerstone this country was founded upon.

Educated voters are corruptions worst nightmare.  It means voters are thinking for themselves and making their own decisions, not what they are being told by others.

Independence Day



Independence Day is  a day celebrated to commemorate the birth of the United State’s independence from England. Today it’s synonymous with fireworks and bar-b-cues, friends and family. What are we really celebrating though?   When the declaration of independence was signed over 200 years ago the people of the then colonies drew a line in the sand they no longer would stand for the oppression of Britain.  The colonists were tired of being overtaxed, being told what to do while being forced to support the oppressive British monarchy they  had lost faith in.  The colonists and drafters of the Declaration of Independence no longer would stand for it.  They wanted independence, to govern themselves and be in charge of their own destiny.  These colonists who included Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were considered radical at the time.  The quest for equality and freedom was the goal, and the war leading up to July 4, 1776 was called the Revolutionary War.  This country is founded upon freedom and every one of our fundamental rights grew from this revolution.   Fast forward to today.  The political and social climate has devolved into a system that is more similar to the colonies and England from 240 years ago versus the free nation we are celebrating today.

Politicians and courts are corrupt. The media goes to great lengths to protect them and report opinion versus news. The will of the people is ignored and safeguards in place, that at one point protected citizens, are overridden by those with power. Each and everyday the country drifts further away from the principles and ideals that it was founded upon.  This election cycle is indicative of citizens revolting against the ‘good ole boys and girls club’ and the status quo of career politicians who have personally enriched themselves at the expense of the people they are suppose to serve.  The rights we believed we all had and were ensured by this government are systematically removed by the very courts who are suppose to protect them.

Don’t believe this?  Ask any family going through a guardianship case in the courts.  People are reduced to nothing more than chattel and all those estate plans and documents that were thoughtfully drafted, witnessed and notarized so someone’s wishes would be clear and respected, they are disregarded and thrown out with the garbage.  Court appointed ‘professionals’ enrich themselves with the assets of the people they are entrusted to ‘protect’ and they destroy families with lies and accusations in order to keep themselves in power and in the money.

Don’t believe the government is corrupt?  Where else can a career politician operate outside the law with missing documents, clandestine meetings and personal financial gain while a public servant and then run for President of the United States?  The Clinton’s are the poster children of politicians turned elitists, yet they actually believe they are entitled and deserving of an even longer run and they have convinced millions of people of the same.

You might not like Donald Trump and it doesn’t matter he is the revolutionary in this election.  He spent a lifetime growing businesses, working hard and actually accomplishing something on his own, not at the expense of the American people.  His progression from businessman to elected officials should be the expected route of our officials not the other way around.  The Presidential election is really not a popularity contest.  It is a race for who is better fit to serve this country, its citizens and its ideals? Who is the best person to put America first instead of themselves?  It is a race for our freedoms and to stop the insanity that today has the United States looking more like the Pre-Revolutionary War colonies versus the great Nation it once was.  As we celebrate Independence Day I believe we have an obligation to think about what would future July 4th holidays look like if we don’t stop the insanity destroying the United States? What will the burgeoning government have us celebrate if we allow it to continue to rob us of our freedoms while making us pay for this?  Would future July 4th holidays even be called Independence Day when our leaders, our lives and our country no longer shared or valued our Independence?   Question, do you want your voice and your life directed by your wishes or by someone who historically put their self interest above everyone else?  The choice is yours.









Optimist or pessimist?  Do you find the ‘good’ in life and others or do you focus on the ‘bad’?  Life is a never-ending series of triumphs and challenges.  The continual barrage of changing circumstances can be frightening or invigorating, it depends upon your perspective.  I am an eternal optimist.  I embrace what’s good and find the ‘lesson’ when things are bad.   God has been good to me and our family and I make sure I take a moment to reflect upon that each and everyday.

A pediatric cancer diagnosis turned into a blessing for without it, the Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer never would have been founded and I wouldn’t have written a book.

My first husbands filing for divorce gave my daughters and I peace and the opportunity to pursue our dreams in paradise.

My late husband Ronald renewed my faith in people and love and gave me ten years of incredible memories and joy.  I found the love of my life in someone who challenged me each and everyday to do better and made me laugh all the time.

I am grateful to my estranged son and stepson Stephen and Ian, because while their absence is noted, they are a reminder that even when we do the best we possibly can, everyone is responsible for their own behavior and actions.  Ron and I always wanted whats best for all our children, but we made peace with our sons abandonment years ago. It was their choice not ours.

Grandchildren make our lives worth living and once you have them, they are your life!

My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins who are still with us provide our family with laughter, strength and stories from years gone by.

The strife of the past year and half has refocused my purpose and stoked the advocate and author in me.  I hadn’t realized I have one hell of a story to tell and am committed to share it with the world. Without all those objections I didn’t consider it worth writing about, but now I know it is.

The people I have met along the way have shown me the good the bad and the ugly.  Those who are selfless and devoted are examples of incredible human spirit and those self-advocating and disingenuous make me be grateful I am not them!

Death is another beautiful phase of life.  Just as we are born and grow, although physically things change upon death, death is only the end of our physical being not our spirit. Our loved ones never leave those they loved and their presence help us get through our lives.

My life has been crazy yet I am grateful.  Without the ups and downs, the friends and foe, those who came and went and the triumphs and tribulations I wouldn’t be who I am today.   I am grateful for everyone and everything that has come my way. I have learned something for all of them.  Many people would say it has been difficult and challenging, but I would have to disagree.  I am the eternal optimist. I thank God for the blessing called my life.  Is there any better gift I could give myself?  I don’t think so!


Memorial Day



Free speech and our legal entitlement to memorialize our thoughts, opinions and our own history as people are fundamental rights guaranteed to United State citizens.   I have recently learned however, even these can be open to interpretation and litigation, and unless you go out of your way with malicious intent, you have a fundamental right to express yourself as you wish and with your own identity.  I am much like other people in that I have taken these rights for granted.  I haven’t given them much thought because I knew they were always there and when I wanted to write, publish or post something I was able.  It is only when those very rights that the Constitution guarantees became the object of another persons obsession, that I started thinking very hard about the importance of them. I was not appreciative of the power of the pen or my fundamental rights as a United States citizen. Now I am and am thankful to be more cognizant of their value.

We all have a right to be who we are.  Our story and our lives are our own.  They are not chattel or property that can be bartered or exchanged.  Each of us has a life that is ours.  Our memories, our stories, our life.  Don’t take for granted those fundamental rights we are afforded by being U.S. citizens and give thanks this Memorial Day for those who fought and gave their lives to ensure us those rights!

Celebrate Memorial Day and God Bless all those who served!

Rene A. Mount

313What’s in a name? A nomenclature; a title or an identity?  Names have a way of changing over time.  At birth you are given one, at some religious ceremonies you get to add one, and at marriage you can change one.  Who owns a name? Is it an entity that someone controls?  For celebrities who establish brands it can be.  For the common person however, it usually is not.  With billions of people in this world, trying to keep a name exclusive seems ridiculous bordering on absurd, yet some people try.

Today my legal name is Rene A. Mount.  I took my deceased husband’s name when we got married.  He asked me to and I joyfully complied.  He was old school in that it was important to him that we not only shared our lives, but that we share the same last name.  After a long-term relationship this was a natural progression for us, that  close family and friends expected and something we both welcomed.  As most things in life however, living comes at a cost and my dear husband passed away.  Our ten years of joys, sorrows, sickness, health, family, friends came to a halt upon his untimely death.  I imagined myself in many roles, wife, friend, lover, confidante, partner but never as a widow.  It has been sad, devastating and extremely uncomfortable.  Life as I had lived it for the past decade would be no more.  My new reality along with the reality of our children and grandchildren would move into a different phase.  No more Ron asking when we were hosting the next party or what the next project around the house we should be doing. No more Sunday brunches with our daughters and grandchildren.  No more trips to the casino with a car ride of commentary about how my love of slot machines was an absolute waste of money and time, trying to convince me to join him at the black jack tables.  I lost my best friend and while I believed that the adversity of such loss brings people together, I witnessed firsthand the reality of adversity exposing the real character of some.

In order to preserve my husbands legacy that represents a lifetime of hard work, I will change my name.  The name that meant so much to him should not cause the destruction of his legacy and all he accomplished. He married me for many reasons, but the main reason has become crystal clear to me in dealing with others. His words to me have taken on a prophetic meaning. He made me promise him things that I am committed to.

I loved and will always love Ronald Mount.  His kindness, kindred spirit and desire to be surrounded by loved ones made him an affable person.   He had faults as we all do, but a man’s desire to be surrounded by loving family and friends is the wish of millions. His desire to have his life honored and respected is something we all strive for.  I will do the thing that you probably wouldn’t want me to do Mr. Mount, but in doing so I am committed to honor your wishes, preserve your legacy and give you the ultimate gift;  respect of your life and your choices that you not only earned but deserve.

Signing off as Rene A. Mount wife of Ronald J. Mount.